Lucinda Fishing

The Hinchinbrook area is known for its unparalleled fishing opportunities and variety of species. Whether you are coming to the area for one of the many fishing tournaments or to embark on your own fishing holiday, Wanderers is the perfect base for your time away.

The Hinchinbrook Channel is 110sq km long, filled with creeks, rivers, tidal flats, sandy drop-offs and deep rocky holes. With a backdrop of  green mountains and a water line of endless mangroves, it is not surprising that this entire area is under world heritage and national park protection. Local creeks and rivers are home to more than 15 species of tropical sportfish. Large mangrove trees that have toppled forming snags attract barramundi, mangrove jack, fingermark, estuary cod, and giant trevally, as they wait to attack passing bait schools. Barramundi fishing is the single most popular fishing activity in this area and the Hinchinbrook channel is renowned for its vast mangrove wilderness perfect for recreational fishing.